I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day : Shashank Vyas
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It’s not by choice that he is single but he is waiting for the right girl to be his partner for lifetime confessed the TV hottie Shashank Vyas who is enjoying his singlehood. He believes in love but he doesn’t want to rush in any relationship without being sure about it. Shashank,  is enjoying his life journey and his career and like his caller tune on the phone which says ‘ Musafir hoon yaaaron na ghar hai na theekana’ Shashank feels that he is still settling down in his life and coming in terms with life and its challenges. So what did he do on Valentines Day? On asking this question the shy Shahshank chuckles and says ‘It will be a date with my work’, Shashank was out of country on this valentine. He was in Dubai for an event. 
Shashank has never really celebrated Valentine’s Day because he feels that love doesn’t need a single day to express, if someone is in love everyday feels as beautiful as the first day of spring. But Shashank has been doing something special on all the Valentines Days which have passed by. He is very close to his dad and he makes it a point to tell his dad how much he loves him,“ I don’t believe that you can celebrate this day only with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. I feel you can love anyone and that can also include you mum and dad”. Every valentine’s day Shashank sends flowers to his father and this has been his ritual for all these years. Shashank lost his mum recently who he loved the most in his life and he even got a permanent tattoo in remembrance of his mother. And now with him being very busy with his shooting he is not able to give time to his father. So Shashank makes his father feel special whenever he has time from his busy schedule.

“I have never really celebrated Valentine’s day before because for me loving and expressing is important everyday”, quips Shashank.


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