I don’t agree with Janhvi: Falak
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Shaurya’s antics in Sasural Simar Ka have created chaos in Roli and Simar’s life, while Janhvi seems to be living in sweet oblivion. But in real life, if anyone’s irritated with this situation, it is Falak Naaz, who plays Janhvi in the show. She for one, can’t understand why Janhvi continues to live with a man who has tortured her

Says Falak, “If I met someone like Janhvi in real life, I would slap her. I can’t understand why she would live with a man like Shaurya. Firstly, he has harassed and cheated her, and also her bhabhis Simar and Roli are warning her. I would atleast check what they are saying,”

“Sometimes when I’m reading Janhvi’s lines or rehearsing the scene, I get annoyed with some of the situations she puts herself in. No offence, I’m really enjoying playing Janhvi, but I feel that girls like Janhvi should exist only in shows and not in real life. Otherwise she will trouble herself and others around her!”, says Falak with a laugh.

But on a more serious note, there are girls in India who choose to be with partners who are abusive or who don’t respect women. While Falak claims not to be one of them, she also knows some women who have fallen prey to men who cheat and torture them. “The problem with girls is that they expect very less from men. A few soft words from boys and girls melt in no time. I’m not saying don’t fall in love, but there should be 1% of caution in 99% of love”

Well, those are wise words of advice from Falak, and we hope that her on-screen character Janhvi takes this advice seriously and gets out of this mess!

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