I deserved to be in the finals: Karishma
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How would you describe your second innings in Bigg Boss?

It was very inteersting and different, but a little difficult for me because I was missing my father, I could not speak to my brother and mother and even Sidhu Ji wasn't there. So, first few days were a little difficult, but since my comeback, I have only heard good things about myself from people so, I think, I played it well.

Were you genuinely okay by Niketans truths about you?

Ya, I didnt like it, but it was Niketan's opinion. I was shocked initially, but I guesss it's an achievenment for all of us to be here for almost 11 to 12 weeks. You can't talk to your family memebers, you have no clue about the outside world, so if he thinks i did not deserve to be in the show, he is entitled to have an opinion. He will still be my friend!

You kept insisting on that you were trying to co-exist with everyone, was that really true or you were playing a game?

No I was trying to co-exist. If I am away from my family, I have to make this environment worth living because you can't go out of that door, you cant speak to anyone on the phone . If you have a fight with somebody, you have to sort it out, you can't run away from it. So for me it was very important to make that environment good for myself.

Who do you think is/was the hottest guy in Bigg Boss?

Smiles… Salman Khan!

We insist her to name one from the house

No!!!…ahm…(thinks)… Niketan!

 You were chosen as the most attractive person in the house, do you think Sana got jealous?

Aaah, I think you'll have to ask that question to Sana, but I think I deserved that award… Thank You!

What went wrong between you and Sana?

See when I came back into the house, she had said few things about me that i have come bcak for sympathy! I think if you have such a big loss in life, you don't want that to be a reason to win a show. So, that thing hurt me! But we did resolve this in the house, I don't know if you guys saw that.

Who according to you would win the show?

I think Urvashi and Niketan because both are straight forward. Especially Uravshi being a woman is so strong, honest and straightforward! I appreciate that and respect her for the same.

Sapna and you share a unique equation, for instance she was upset with you when you didn’t offer her dry Maggie, but was fine when you shared your coffee… tell us more about it?

I think when we were doing the task, everyone was hungry and irritated, so it's okay. But, I just want to say that 'Main chindi nahi hoon' I am very caring and giving person. I didn't like that, that's why I gave her my personal coffee and I think she was happy to recieve that!

What do you think- did you really deserve to be in the show till the end?

Yes, I think I deserved. Everybody whoever has survived till now has soemthing unique about them. So if I have survived till now, I truly deserve it!

What are your plans after Bigg Boss?

Aah… it's just been few hours, gimme another 24 hours and I shall get back!  (Winks!)







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