I believe in giving people a second chance: Preetika Rao
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  • March 3, 2014
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With the popularity of Beintehaa, the lead actress Preetika Rao is attracting a lot of limelight. She is enjoying playing her character of Aaliya because it is very similar to her in real life. “Aaliya’s ethics and core values are pretty much similar to that of mine in real life. So it’s not difficult to play this character. Mostly I’m my real self,” Preetika tells you. But what if in real life, Preetika gets stuck in a situation similar to Aaliya? “I would have handled it like Aaliya but the only difference would be that I would not get into a marriage like this because marriage is for whole life,” she explains.

Preetika agrees that the way Aaliya handles Zain and stands for the family is truly commendable. “I am also similar to her in this point. I would also make efforts to make marriage work. Also, I believe in giving people a second chance and if they change for good, I accept them back in my life,” she tells you.

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