I am living life as Simar these days: Deepika Samson
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Tell us about the current track of the show?
It’s is the time when Sankalp and Soniya are getting married. It is after long that a happy time has come for the Bhardwaj family to celebrate.
How has life changed after Sasural Simar Ka?
Life has drastically changed for me. People recognize me as Simar these days. I am getting different kind of attention wherever I go and especially women around me respect me. All I can say is that I am living life as Simar since Sasural Simar Ka happened. People are watching the show and appreciating it. It is the biggest achievement of my life so far.
Simar is mostly quiet on the show, how different is Deepika?
Deepika and Simar have only one thing in common, it is – being emotional. I am emotional like Simar. Rest all the things are different. Simar is a cry baby, Deepika is not. Simar is a dependent bahu of Bhardwaj family; Deepika has been an independent girl since 19 years of age. Simar keeps everything inside her heart, Deepika is straight forward. So, there are lots of contradictions between Deepika and Simar.
Who is your favorite team mate?
It has to be Nimishaji who portrays the character of Manoranjan Mausi. On the set, I share my room with her. She is very close to me and I respect her like a mother. Lately, I have become close to Falaq Naaz as well. We share a good bonding.
What are your future plans?
I never plan anything. I choose to go with the flow of life. As of now, I am enjoying Sasural Simar Ka. But, yes, if given opportunity I would like to explore different roles.
Do you want to give any message to your fans?
I want to thank them for making me what I am today. I request them to love me the way they have been. 

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