Hukumat ki hartal!
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  • November 27, 2013
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The second leg of the luxury budget task- Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa- took a sudden twist when the Hukumat team- Kamya, Kushal, Gauahar and Armaan- decided to boycott the task and the captain. When the siren for the commencement of the luxury budget went off, the Hukumat team was all set to take revenge from the Virodhi team- Ajaz, Andy, Sangram, Sofia and Tanisha. When they announced the first task for Andy, wherein he had to hand-stand and do 50 dips in that position for 4 mins, he agreed to do it, but neither of the team got a point as the captain claimed that she couldn’t hear the count and also couldn’t keep a track of the time. This didn’t go down well with the Hukumat team, but they went ahead with the task announced the second task to Sangram with the hoola-hoop. The Virodhi team in a bid to waste their time, asked for time for discussing. When the they felt that the Virodhi team was taking too much time in discussing, they raised their issue with captain Sofia, but captain took the decision in favour of the Virodhi team saying that they can as much time as they want for discussing, which further irked the Virodhi team. The final straw was when Sofia declared five mins smoke and loo break. The Hukumat team opposed this, and said that the captain was being unfair. Seeing this partiality, the Hukumat team unanimously decided not to do the task and boycott the captain. Seething in anger over the unfairness, they decide not to do any cooking for the whole week. Will the Hukumat team stop the hartal and resume the task?

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