How will Zoya save the company?
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This week on Bepannaah, the interns are unable to find the loan papers. Aditya finds a safe in office and finds out that they still have three weeks’ time in hand to clear the dues. Zoya is worried about repaying the loan while Aditya looks completely disinterested. Aditya speaks to Arjun and asks him for one crore rupees. Noor has finally cracked the internship, but Mahi indirectly tries and tells Zoya about Noor’s truth. Will Zoya join the dots and figure the truth?  Next morning, Aditya is posing for the photo shoot with Mahi but Zoya stops her and gets herself involved and slips coincidentally in Aditya’s arms.




Zosh events on the other hand gets a big order, however, the condition to work on this project is marriage. Zoya is not ready to be a part of this lie but Mahi is still desperately trying to convince her for the event. Aditya and Mahi rehearse how to lie in front of Virani’s but Zoya refuses and starts to find a new way. Adi gets upset and decides to cancel the contract. Do you think Zoya will agree to the condition? Stay tuned to know it all.




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