How will Saumya deal with her life as Tarana?
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Saumya feels shattered as she enters a world that is completely alien to her. Her identity, however, demands for her to become a part of the society that people don’t have high regards for. She feels broken after her separation from Harman and is in state of denial to embrace herself as ‘Tarana.’ From attending a function where a man forces her to dance and gets harsh with her when she doesn’t ; to serving a severe punishment given by Gurumaa, Saumya feels clobbered. But Saaya, has taken her responsibility, so she feels genuinely concerned for her.

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And as promised to her mother Nimmi, she sends a letter reassuring that Saumya is safe. Gurumaa, gets upset that Saaya keeps addressing Saumya with her actual name and not Tarana. Saumya on the other hand keeps stopping everyone from calling her Tarana. She cannot deal with the bondage that she is being put through and decides to escape from the house.


What will happen when Gurumaa finds out about Saumya’s intention? Will Saumya finally succeed in escaping or once again be trapped into the house as Tarana? Find out only on Shakti, Monday to Friday- 8PM!

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