How Simar Plans To Unveil Naagin Roli’s Reality
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Simar has come very close to bring out ‘Naagin’ Roli’s reality in front of the Bhardwaj family and especially in front of Siddhant. She has very carefully planned everything and now it’s the right time to check-mate Roli with a master stroke. Here are some ways in which we think Simar can bust ‘Naagin’ Roli’s reality.

1.) Simar always protects Shruti in everyway possible. She makes sure that Roli, Jatin or Sushma cannot get in touch with Shruti at any cost. She has hidden Shruti at a place which only she knows and probably by this she can help Shruti to regain her memory so that she can prove everyone that she is the real Roli.

2.) We have seen how Simar has very intelligently hijacked the ‘Sandook’ which belongs to Roli and has even blackmailed her. Roli needs the ‘Sandook’ at any cost as without the ‘Sandook’ she can’t access her powers for a long time. By using this control over Roli, Simar can blackmail her to leave the Bhardwaj family and go away forever, else lose her powers.

3.) Simar with the help of Prem, Amar and Calendar has kept a close eye on Roli’s every move. They have trapped Roli in a situation where she has no choice but to agree on their conditions. This has helped her gain a one up over Roli and by trapping her she can ask her to cure Shruti and bring her out of coma.

4.) Simar has stolen Roli’s phone and has read the text messages exchanged between her and Jatin. She now has a solid proof that Roli is trying to destroy the Bhardwaj family along with Jatin and Sushma. Roli is unaware about Simar scanning her phone and when the right time comes Simar can bring out all the proofs she has collected to bust ‘Naagin’ Roli in front of the Bhardwaj family.

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