How Anil ‘Cruises’ along in 24!
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  • October 24, 2013
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24 has everything going for it, but if there’s one question that we have about the show, is how does Anil Kapoor manages to do all the stunts and chases himself and make it look so convincing?

Well, we already know that the veteran actor is fit and energetic enough to put much younger people to shame. But recently, the actor let us in on a little secret about his fitness regime for 24. And it is inspired by none other than Tom Cruise!

Anil Kapoor worked with Tom in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and says, ”Apart from his normal fitness routine, Tom trained specially for running sequences. I’m doing the same for 24, and have also started using a special treadmill for the same.”

At the same time, he also revealed how much of a difference working out in this international way worked for him. Anil says,”Earlier, I just used to turn up for the shoot and do running scenes all day, which left me tired, and also the shoot suffered the next day. But now I train and rehearse for the running scenes, which has made a lot of difference in the scenes the scenes that I’ve done so far.”

So next time you watch 24 and wonder how he’s ‘cruising’ along smoothly in all his chase sequences, you know that he has Tom Cruise to thank! 

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