Housemates tell what Hina’s flaws are during a debate in the Bigg Boss house.
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Yet another activity in the Bigg Boss house tonight will shake the walls of the house.





Vikas reads out the letter that mentions that there would be a debate in the Bigg Boss house and as per this activity, one housemate would be aimed at a time by the remaining others, the housemates would give their opinions on that particular housemate and mainly talk about his/her mistakes and weaknesses that they have observed so far and giving reasons they will tell why the particular housemate should leave the Bigg Boss house now.





Hina comes first and sits in front of all, Akash begins with saying that she doesn’t deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house anymore because whenever she becomes a sanchalak she herself breaks the task rules also she plays a dirty game in the house. Shilpa talking about her observation says that Hina has a habit of overreacting on matters and she often gets too aggressive.





Vikas feels that Hina who gets too involved in every task doesn’t get involved in other matters of the house.


Luv finally speaks up post whatever happened during the BB mountain task. He says that he clearly had a good conversation with Hina for about 15-20 minutes before the task started and told Hina that he would be supporting Puneesh, at that point in time Hina never mentioned that she would have problems with that. Later Hina did an insult also had a major fight with him. Hina in her defense says although she agreed that she isn’t a selfish friend and that she was okay if Luv wanted to support Puneesh, but Hina says she also mentioned that she herself would also play the game.





A further debate followed this when Puneesh joined Luv to tell things to Hina, Puneesh even went on to say that Hina is only good in looks.





What happens at the end of this debate? Does Hina accept her mistakes? Watch tonight. 

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