Housemates see their future! #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 40
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Another day in the Bigg Boss house and the housemates look cheerful after a long time as they dance to the wakeup song ‘Havan Karenge’.  In the morning, Andy picks on Elli and comments on her dressing. Further, he gets upset with Sangram as he has been promising Andy to help with his stretching but then his help would never surface. He tells Sangram that he is very upset and does not need his help anymore.Day 40 Synopsis

When Gauahar and Kushal are sitting and chatting in the kitchen area, she asks him why he has been acting indifferent and not talking to her. Kushal tells her that he is perfectly fine and she need not worry. Gauahar still keeps on at him, telling him that he is appearing to be grumpy and she does not like it. She mimics him and tries to make him smile. 

Tanisha and Armaan are seen discussing Salman’s message in the garden area. Tanisha says they are just being each other’s confidants and there is nothing wrong in that. In the afternoon, Andy is in a happy mode and decides to teach Sangram and Asif a new song. Asif starts singing with his eyes closed while Andy and Gauahar start giggling.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss calls Apurva in the confession room and asks him to take the names of three contestants who did not cooperate with him during the tenure of his captaincy. He recalls all the incidents that have taken place in last three days. After a while, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that he had asked Apurva to give out three names that have not been acting cordial during this week and he has mentioned the names of Kushal, Elli and Armaan. Further, he adds that the housemates will have to choose a captain between these three to make them realize how difficult it is to manage and take on the responsibility of the captain of the house. Bigg Boss calls for a ballet voting and asks everybody to give their share of votes. After receiving maximum votes, Kushal is elected to be the next captain.  Kushal steps into Apurva's shoes


In the evening, Bigg Boss introduces the weekly task where the contestants are asked to do a Havan in the garden area all through the night till the morning wakeup call. He adds that at all times, two housemates will need to be present near the Havan Kund and perform the task. Later, popular face reader Janardhan Baba makes an entry in the house and everybody is surprised to see him. Bigg Boss introduces him and tells them that he will spend a few hours with the contestants and predict their futures by face reading. Contestants including Elli, Sangram, Kushal, Andy, Pratyusha and Kamya seemed excited to know what’s in their fate and consult him. Sangram looks quite inquisitive and bombards Janardhan Baba with questions. After Baba takes everybody’s leave, Bigg Boss calls him inside the confession room and asks him to predict the four finalists of Bigg Boss. The day comes to an end but the housemates still continue doing the task

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