Housemates play the blame game! BB-7 Synopsis Day 43
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After a tumultuous week in the Bigg Boss House that saw fights, mid week evictions and wildcard entries – the House now seems to be returning to normalcy. A first of its kind invention in the Bigg Boss format, the latest wild card entrants Ajaz Khan and Candy Brar are experiencing life in a Caravan wherein they are allowed brief glimpses of the other inmates through the TV feed.  Playing the game from Day 1, Ajaz is seen flirting with Candy claiming to be better than her ex-flame Kushal.

Further discussing his game plan with Candy, Ajaz admits that he will like to flirt with Gauahar as his mom adores her and consider her to be a perfect match for him. He also expresses his wish to join hands with Armaan, if and when he enters the other house, promising to make the show even more interesting.  

Meanwhile in the main house, Pratyusha and Kamya are talking about their loneliness and the fact that they have nothing to look forward to in life outside Bigg Boss.  Simultaneously, Armaan is seen getting annoyed at Kamya and Pratyusha because he claims that they are trying to spoil his image. He also mentions to Sangram that he will not spare them if they try to harm him in any way.

Armaan and Tanisha talk about Gauahar and say she is playing a very smart game by maintaining unity and then dominating everybody. Also, she is provoking others to get into a fight but pretends to be goodie-goodie herself. In the afternoon, the housemates are found discussing the nominations amongst each other in code language. Kamya, Andy, Pratyusha, Andy, Gauahar and Sangram decide to nominate Armaan and Tanishaa. But to their surprise, they are found guilty discussing nominations and breaking the most basic and important rule of the house. Hence, Bigg Boss decides to bring in a new twist to make the nominations procedure fair. 

Being the Captain, Bigg Boss asks Kushal to discuss with the housemates and take the names of five contestants who have initiated or encouraged such conversations. Their punishment would be direct nomination for next week. Also, they had to take the name of one contestant out of these five names who has contributed the most to the nominations discussion. All decide on taking Apurva’s name but Armaan gets upset and says that the decision is unfair.

After a while, Kushal and other housemates decide to select Andy and Bigg Boss decides that he will have to leave the house after the next announcement.

Andy gets furious listening to their decision as he feels that Kamya is the culprit and he is being cornered.Day 43 Andy upset with the housmates



Andy further gets angry at Gauahar for not supporting him and for supporting others. He also picks a fight with Pratyusha and accuses her for not sticking to her decisions and getting influenced by others. Pratyusha cannot stand Andy’s comments and lashes out on him.


When the day finally seems to be coming to an end, Bigg Boss announces that to congratulate Elli on the success on her first film, he has a surprise waiting for her in the bonus room.Day 43 Elli spending time with her parents



She rushes in and finds her parents entering from the other door. She hugs them and bursts into tears. They instantly inform her that her film is doing very well and she is being appreciated for her work.  


They also tell her that she is coming across as the most genuine person in Bigg Boss and she should continue to do the same. Soon the buzzer rings and they are asked to part ways. Elli thanks Bigg Boss for this lovely surprise and for making her happy. 

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