Housemates have a surprising Good-Morning!!
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  • November 6, 2014
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Not even in the wildest dreams must have they imagined whom would they find in house early morning.

Yess, Punss is back! But what sight! He was inside a huge cage. To find him this way the housemates didn’t know first how to react, they all looked staggered as if they just woke up from a dream (good for some and bad for others)! The extreme reactions were for Arya and Gautam obviously, former feeling cheated and absolutely shattered that his return somewhere diluted the justice given to him that had created lot of hue and cry, I felt it hurt Arya’s ego! Whereas, Gautam was jumping around like a happy child, who gets his favorite chocolate or a toy back! (Knowing how much he wept while Puneet was leaving, sob sob!). This thing was completely unexpected by housemates, hence except the P3G, seemed others didn’t look that happy having him back, I heard them whispering into each other’s ears. It was quite apparent that house was there and then divided into two parts some people in favor having him back whereas others not that happy. So, Puneet is back but as per instructions, he is going to stay inside the cage and cannot call out anybody but others can come and talk to him! Also being nominated,Big Boss left it on janta to decide the final verdict.Oh Oh! This was just the beginning and such a cyclone already?I am unable to understand what’s going to happen and what not! This justifies the phrase – Zoron ka jhatkaa dheere se lage!


Catch the episode full of drama!


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