Housemates’ gifts touch the hearts of their loved ones on Bigg Boss 11.
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We all saw the different round of challenges that were given to the housemates to impress their family members and friends who entered the Bigg Boss house as padosis a couple of days back.


Today’s episode will show how the task adds an emotional touch. The housemates will be asked to make special gifts for their loved ones.


It will be truly heart-warming to watch the segment.


Housemates are seen diligently customizing their gifts.





Hina shows in front of the camera what she has prepared to gift ‘Ro’. She shows the coffee bottle that she won during one of the tasks in the Bigg Boss house, with that a picture of hers with her boyfriend which is their favorite, planted with a kiss on it! Isn’t that sweet?





Puneesh laughingly shares how poor he is in decorating gifts, but explains that still every gift he has to give Bandgi has a meaning to it. His gift hamper has a locket which they both used to kiss before going to bed, and a special ring that he had made for Bandgi in the Bigg Boss house. There are few more things in that hamper and you need to watch the episode for that.





Shilpa shows the photo frame which her brother had sent her in the Bigg Boss house during the initial days with a picture of tiger in it. Shilpa goes on to say that the photo isn’t there anymore as she had to sacrifice the same during one of the tasks. She further says that she has put a family picture in the frame which doesn’t have their father in it. But as a gift now she has added her dad’s picture to make their family look complete. Shilpa also clarifies that she isn’t doing it for points but it is because she always wanted her father to be in the picture. How touching is that!





Luv tells the camera that he is gifting his mother a medal that he won on the Sultani Akhada that Salman Khan offered him. He also says that his mother knows how important it is for him. Luv also shows a shirt which he considers lucky for him as he wore it during Bigg Boss auditions. Adding to those he also has a family photo that he wants to give his mother adding his picture in it.





Vikas’s story is equally touching as he gifts his mother a ring that his mother gifted to him eight years back during his struggling days. He also goes on to say how he didn’t have money in those days and his mother used her FD to support her son. Vikas also puts a Kada in the hamper and tells that his mother is the most important person for him.





Akash talks to his mother through camera that he is gifting her a ladies cologne, most importantly he offers her the shield that only he won in the Bigg Boss house this season.





Priyank comes up with a unique idea, he talks about his favorite pair of shoes which he never shared with anyone. He says he will keep one shoe and give the other to his mother. Speaking his heart out, Priyank says he has done several mistakes in life and achieved many thing too. He also gifts a medal that he won saying his mother also needs it as she has always made their family proud. He says now it’s his turn to make his mother happy.





The Ghar Aaye Gaharwaale get totally moved through these gestures!



Watch the episode tonight.

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