Housemates gear-up for Diwali
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  • November 12, 2012
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An apt song for all the housemates, the day starts with the song ‘Tainu TV pe dekh’ from the movie Love Sex aur Dhoka was a perfect begining for an energized and happy day. In the morning Mink and Rajev have an altercation in the bathroom wherein Mink asks Rajev to clean the bathroom after he has used it. She is later seen discussing the incident with Niketan. Meanwhile, in the garden area, Sapna is bitching about Niketan and Mink to Aashka, Sana and Rajev saying that since Mink is single, she is trying to get close to Niketan. 

Taking advatange of Vishal’s newness, Vrajesh and Rajev try to rag him by giving him wrong suggestions on the laundry system in the Bigg Boss house. Since, everyone knows that the housemates have to wash their own clothes Rajev tells Vishal that his dry cleaning clothes should be kept in the storeroom. Vrajesh also joins in the fun and tells Vishal with a serious face about the steam ironing system. Sana however, foils their plan and tells an embarrassed Vishal the truth. Following this, Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task where the housemates have to make mud diyas with the help of a pottery wheel. The teams having to keep making diyas till sunset and the team with the maximum diyas wins the task. During the preparation for the task, Niketan and Delnaaz pull Rajev's leg saying that they would give the other team 10 diyas just to take Rajev in their team. This upsets Rajev who decides that he will not participate in the task till the time Niketan and Delnaaz apologize to him 5 times in front of everyone.

While both the teams are religiously working on the task, Rajev is seen walking around the garden area. Mink and Sapna who are a part of his team try and get him to join the task but to no avail. Niketan refuses to apologize to him again and again. Here, Vishal and Rajev are seen making diyas with their hands and not on the pottery wheel. This results in punishment for both of them. Rajev is given a punishment to stand near the fish tank with a mashaal  while Vishal is has to do the same near the washroom. Here interestingly, Rajev gets introduced to Fishy Kapoor and has a secret conversation with him about his flirting ways, relationship with Delnaaz and his friendship with Niketan.

A continuation of the present task, the housemates are given another task to light up all the diyas that they have made throughout the night. Here, when Niketan, Delnaaz and Rajev are seen discussing their strategy, Rajev gets upset and walks off. Niketan then approaches Rajev to sort the issue out. In the meanwhile, Vrajesh is called to the confession room by Bigg Boss where while talking about his family, he breaks down. The housemates, on the other hand, assume that he is going to be given a secret task. After coming out of the confession room, Vrajesh fuels this fire as he is seen secretly talking to Urvashi, about just pretending that he has a secret task. 

The day ends with the housemates taking turns keeping the diyas lit, in preparations of a big day ahead.

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