Housemates face the Ugly Truth!
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The day starts with a fun track – ‘hum ko tum se pyaar hai’ but in the Bigg Boss house, things are always twisted. Rajev is seen bitching about Vishal and his flirtatious moves to Sana in the living area. Imam is seen in the kitchen area talking about how he loves participating in household chores. The housemates tell him that the captain of the house is not allowed to do any work. Instantaneously, Imam tells everyone that he doesn’t want to become captain as he loves the household chores. In sometime, Imam is seen complaining about Karishma not performing her duties properly. Urvashi, Mink, Sapna, Rajev and Niketan stood up for Karishma and told him that she was contributing more than enough in the kitchen leaving Imam to defend himself. 

Most of the housemates lose their cool with Imam, while Urvashi lead the pack by telling Imam to concentrate on his own duties rather than pinpointing about the others. Rajev and Niketan get up and scream at Imam due to his irritable and sarcastic responses. In sometime, Bigg Boss sends in a task letter, the task being called statue and release. The housemates are required to freeze every time the buzzer goes off and release from their position similarly. While most of the housemates were hanging in the living area, Bakhtiyar (Delnaaz’s brother) enters from the confession room. Delnaaz jumps with joy and just then, Bigg Boss freezes everyone. 

Bakhtiyar tells Delnaaz to stop being so gullible and to answer back to people instead of listening to them always. He tells Urvashi that she is also fat and that it doesn’t reflect well for a mother of two to call others saali moti etc. He also tells Niketan to grow a back bone and start owning up to situations. Bakhtiyar tells Imam that he is a pure entertainer and should stay that way and tells Vishal that he is a genuine guy. Imam breaks down after Bakhtiyar appreciates him. Bakhtiyar tells Rajev to stop acting and lying to people about his attempts to apologize to Delnaaz post their split in 2007. To make things worse, Bakhtiyar told Rajev that his constant attempts of flirting with the likes of Sana, Karishma, Mink etc looks utterly cheap from the outside world.   

Almost as soon as Bakhtiyar leaves, Delnaaz breaks down and runs to her room. Sana and Aashka console her. An offended Rajev storms into the room, and justifies his side of the story. Imam walked in to share his two bits when Rajev flips and starts abusing Imam and tells him to stay away from his personal life. Rajev gets wild and threatens to hit him etc. Santosh, Vishal come in and pull Imam out of the scene. Meanwhile, Urvashi is seen in the kitchen area venting out her anger with Bakhtiyar’s sarcastic and demeaning comments. Imam tries to intervene yet again but the other housemates shut him up. 

In sometime, the housemates are frozen again. Urvashi’s sons enter the house from the store room and start looking for their mother. She gets extremely emotional and breaks down. The housemates are released from their position and Urvashi broke down and hugged her sons passionately. All the housemates console Urvashi after their exit. In sometime, the housemates are frozen again and Sapna’s colleagues from mad or what entered the house singing Sapna’s favorite tune – ‘Ullu banaya bada maza aaya’. They hug Sapna and tell her how much they love her and that her cats are doing well and eventually Bigg Boss asks them to leave. Bigg Boss then gifts them a bag full of luxury items for a very satisfactory performnance. After sometime, Britannia Good Day task is introduced wherein all the housemates select their favorite person in the house and gift them a gold coin. Nirahua wins the task and is gifted 10 grams of gold as a reward. The housemates end the day on a happy note and go to sleep after a ‘tasking’ day! 

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