Housemates face Judgement Day #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 95
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Surprise mid-week eviction comes as a shock for all the housemates and especially Gauahar who is left heartbroken and in tears post Kushal’s exit. Watching Gauahar stay aloof and depressed in the morning, Andy and Tanisha go up to her in order to console her and make her feel better. Andy further tries to bring a smile on Gauhar’s face by being at his humorous best. Ajaz too attempts to break the silence and talk to Gauahar post their big fight but in no mood to bury the hatchet she continues to behave cold with him and chooses to ignore him. 

Later in the afternoon, Armaan is seen talking to Tanisha and Sangram about Kushal. Armaan tells them that Kushal has an attitude problem and he has suffered a big loss on the show because of his ego. Further, Armaan also tries to clear out the misunderstandings between Sangram and Andy but Andy refuses to talk to Sangram and maintains a distance from him.  
In the evening, Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to gather in the activity area. While the housemates are clueless about what is going to happen next, they step inside the activity area and find it transformed into a court room with two witness boxes placed in the middle. Bigg Boss soon makes a startling announcement welcoming Rajat Sharma as he appears from a huge door and introduces himself to the housemates. Bigg Boss announces that all the housemates are required to appear in the courtroom for an interrogation session with Rajat. 

One by one the housemates start interacting with Rajat in the courtroom who then throws a volley of questions – good, bad and ugly, at each of the contestants. The housemates are required to answer those questions with complete honesty and provide justification whenever required. Andy is the first one to be in the witness box where he is asked the reason for his transition from being a funny guy to a serious one. Andy explains to Rajat that his humour has been misunderstood in the past and has drawn a lot of criticism and thus he has bid adieu to his funny self. 

After Andy, Sangram is called in the witness box where Rajat puts an allegation on him for being a diplomatic and double-faced person. While Sangram tries to defend and justify himself, Rajat plays a video where Sangram is found backbiting about Andy at once instance. While watching the video, Andy gets upset and tears start trickling down his eyes. After receiving some convincing and sensible answers, Rajat asks Sangram to leave and calls Armaan into the witness box. Armaan is questioned by Rajat regarding his short-tempered nature and his frequent outbursts that has kept most of the housemates away from him. Armaan tries to justify himself by telling Rajat that his anger is just for a spur of a moment and that he is working hard to control it. 

Next is Tanisha’s turn to appear in Rajat’s Adaalat and she seems quite skeptical before stepping in the witness box. After a round of interrogation and exchange of questions and answers, Rajat advices Tanisha to be an independent woman and stand for her own self without losing her self- respect.  Later when Gauahar is called in the witness box, she is questioned for acting like a teacher and being Kushal’s remote control. The last contestant to face Rajat in the Adaalat is Ajaz who gets tagged to be a confused soul in the house. Rajat asks him about his feelings for Gauahar and what has led to an end of their friendship.  

With a lot of mysteries and hidden truths coming out in the court room, will it compel the housemates to change their game plan and strategies in order to reach the finale?

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