Housemates continue acting ‘Mean’ tonight on Bigg Boss 11!
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  • January 10, 2018
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Arshi Khan will continue looking out for the meanest housemate tonight. It’s the turn of Hina, Akash and Puneesh.


For Hina, Shilpa discloses to Arshi that she is thinking of breaking her Sherkhan cup. Vikas discusses that he is targeting at her blue bath robe and that he is planning to paint it red. Hina’s reaction is a must watch when Shilpa is actually about to break her favorite cup.





For Puneesh, Hina plans to target his jacket that Bandgi gifted him. Shilpa feels the red pair of shoes that Puneesh has she will destroy them. Akash tells Arshi he will destroy his bath robe. However, Vikas thinks differently, he says he will apply wax on Puneesh. Many of them feel the idea isn’t okay but Arshi supports Vikas saying even this act can be counted as being mean so that’s all right.





During Akash’s turn the housemates talk to Arshi about destroying his artificial jewelries, his towel and shoes. But on the other hand Shilpa feels Akash is like a child and is too attached to everything and she feels slightly uncomfortable in doing something like that to him.  





What will happen in the end of the task? Who win the cash prize? Any guesses?

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