Housemates are irked with each other
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  • November 15, 2012
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‘Dhoom Machale’ strated the day for the housemates on an electric note as all wake up enthusiastically. Sapna and Sana hang around near the pool and discuss how they need to start having an affair with the likes of Vishal to have some fun in the house. After a comical conversation, they are seen talking about the upcoming captaincy nominations. Meanwhile, Aashka is seen venting her frustration to Delnaaz with the current captain Urvashi as according to her she does not delegate the house duties to everyone equally. Aashka even compares how she doesn’t give Niketan enough amount of work intentionally. 

After sometime, Bigg Boss announces the commencement of new captaincy elections. While doing so, Bigg Boss gives the option of re electing Urvashi if the majority of the house agrees to it. A few housemates feel that everyone should get a fair chance, thus Bigg Boss gave the option to any two housemates to stand for Captaincy elections. After some discussion, Rajev and Sana volunteer to stand up for elections. Post this, the whole house is split in groups. The housemates start deciding whom they should vote for as their decision will affect their lives for a week. 

Rajev and Sana are seen having intense conversation about who should probably drop out in order to preserve everybody’s interest. Eventually Sana fades away and asks Rajev to do what he feels like. Housemates are then called inside the confession room one by one to vote. After the voting, Rajev is announced as the new captain. Delnaaz and Rajev are seen talking about Urvashi, Aashka and Delnaaz. Here Delnaaz says that Aashka is getting too emotional, Urvashi is getting to dominating and Sapna is just changing parties according to her convenience. Rajev agrees with her and explains his displeasure with Sapna as well. After a while, the Samsung dessert task is launched in the Bigg Boss house. 

The ladies of the house are divided into two teams and given a task to make desserts. The boys of the house are the final decision makers as they get to taste the desserts and announce a winner. Urvashi’s team wins the competition. Rajev is seen near the aquarium talking to Fishy Kapoor, where the latter talks to him about Delnaaz and how Niketan just calls him a friend for namesake. Fishy Kapoor gives Rajev a task of telling Delnaaz he loves her in front of everyone at least thrice. After the talk Fishy also gifts Rajev some coffee. An excited Rajev goes to the store room to collect his gift. Rajev goes to Delnaaz and starts flirting with her in the garden area as Niketan and the others around him mock him for being a ‘ghatiya aadmi’. Sana is seen upset with Vishal as she feels he is spending too much time with the others in the house. Delnaaz gets Vishal into their room so they can clear the negativity between them. Vishal explains that he is new and he needs to be nice to everyone in the house. Towards the end of the night Aashka and Sana are seen talking about the rest of the housemates and their behavior. Aashka is adamant about not being friendly with the ones she doesn’t like and maintains that she will remain the same until she is present in the show.






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