Hone wala hai sach ka saamna?
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • November 7, 2019
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  • 12:22 pm

Tonight, on Vidya, Vidya tries to call Vivek to tell him that the culprit is Ranjana but he is unable to hear her. A few goons gather around Vidya’s house to kill them. They have tied Dharma Parbatiya and Bablu. Will they be able to rescue them? Meanwhile, Vivek figures that something is wrong and hence rushes from the hospital. While he is on his way, Vidya is also in the same market area, however, she doesn’t see him. Back at the hospital, Ranjana tells the caretaker of the hospital to put some powder in the food will make everyone unconscious. She also makes Munni’s mother and others eat the food. Will Vivek come to know about this? Later, Avtar returns and comes to know about everything happening in Devgadh. Vivek confronts Avtar that with the help of Munni, the real culprit will be disclosed and get arrested.


Soon, Vivek reaches the police station and is shocked to see that Nanku and Ranjana are not arrested. He then enquires about this case to the police inspector and gets furious after Home Minister Pramukh Sachiv enters the scene to tell him that a wrong case has been filed against Nanku and Ranjana. Although, Vivek has enough proof. How will Vivek manage to prove them wrong? Later, Jagat enters Vidya’s house. What did Jagat say to Vidya that completely stunned her?


Tune in to Vidya tonight at 7:00 pm sharp to find out more!

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