Holi brings happiness in Anandi and Jagya’s life# Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap 6th April-12th April
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After Anandi's emotional adieu from Jaitsar, Dadisa thanks Jagya for changing his mind.

Anandi gets a grand welcome at Udaipur by the Shekhar family. She feels overwhelmed but also expresses her wish to be a daughter of the family than a bahu.

Back in Jaitsar, Dadisa calls for a lawyer with divorce papers for Ganga. Ganga contemplates for quite sometime, but recollects how she was treated by Ratan Singh and finally signs the divorce papers.

Sumitra arranges Anandi’s room and gets nostalgic. Ganga recalls how Anandi had asked her to take care of the family and tries to distract Sumitra.

In the evening Ganga invites Jagya for the ‘Holika Dehen’ function but Jagya refuses.

Ganga starts playing with Mannu and narrates the story behind this ritual. Jagya corrects her and says that the festival is celebrated to bury all the old memories and start afresh.

Dadisa doubts if Jagya would come for ‘Holika Dehen’, but Jagya surprises everyone.

In Udaipur, while everyone is enjoying the ‘Holika Dehen’, Sanchi gets a call from Mahi and both sound quite wily. After the conversation Sanchi heads towards Shiv and Anandi’s room and plays a prank, leaving both of them covered in gulal.

Next day, nobody seems in the mood of celebrating Holi in Badi Haveli. Jagya thinks about previous year’s Holi that they all had celebrated together, while Dadisa browses through Aanadi’s photo album.

Anandi talks to Dadisa over phone and wishes her on the festival. She also talks to Jagya and encourages him to celebrate the festival in zest. Sanchi overhears Anandi and Jagya’s conversation and feels suspicious.

Ganga calls everyone out to play with colours but nobody comes out. She then goes to Dadisa and pesters her to call everyone out. When Dadisa refuses to do so, Ganga threatens to put colour on her but in the process slips and spills gulal all over Dadisa.

This infuriates Dadisa beyond no consolation and she reprimands Ganga. Ganga apologizes to her and tells her that it was because of Anandi’s request that she had been pursuing everyone and leaves. Everyone feels sad about treating Ganga so badly and they decide to surprise her by joining in the celebrations.

 Sanchi again plans to play a prank on Anandi. Anandi understands Sanchi’s intentions and she plays a prank on Sanchi instead. After this Anandi plays prank on all the family members one by one.

As the celebrations are in full swings, Anandi finds Chhoti Maa missing and gives her a panic call to get her out of the home. As Chhoti Maa comes running out, Anandi spills a bucket full of colour on her leaving everyone stunned.

Anandi gets to know why Chhoti Maa had stopped playing Holi and apologizes to her, but she also tries to convince Chhoti Maa to be a part of the celebrations. Chhoti Maa agrees.

In Jaitsar, Dadisa greets her neighbours and relatives and puts colours on them. Jagya also starts enjoying himself and while running behind Nandu, he mistakenly throws a plateful of colours on Ganga. Ganga too throws a bucketful of coloured water on him.

Dadisa thanks Ganga for her efforts to bring a smile on Jagya’s face.  

Will this festival of colours bring Ganga and Jagya closer? Will their friendship culminate into a special relationship? Get the updates next week.


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