Himani and Family are found dead – Tap to know more!
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  • September 14, 2022
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Rani disappears from the car and comes in front of it in her Pishachini avatar and kills Himani and her family. While there is a news about Himani and her family, Rani walks into the house with Rocky who is blaming Pavitra for Himani and her family’s death. Pavitra is shattered while ASR consoles her. Rani tells the entire family that Himani was angry at Pavithra accusing Rani, that’s why she lost control of the car. Rani tells everyone that maybe Pavitra dislikes her because Pavithra likes Rocky. Swapna hearing this, agrees with Rani and says some of the blame lies with Pavitra. Pavitra who was walking in the corridor hears Swapna’s last line and is hurt. Rocky finds Pavitra and accuses her of everything whereas Rani is seen sitting in a bathtub and is happy at her win. Pavitra yells and tells Rocky that yes, she still maintains that Rani is the Pishachini, and she killed Pavithra’s family too. Rocky is shocked hearing this. On the other hand, Rani leaps down from the window and starts looking for Rocky and Pavitra tells Rocky she is here to take her revenge.

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