High packed action in Bani!
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After a strange turn of events, Sohum and Rajji got married amidst miscommunication mainly caused by Desho and Maamiji. While Sohum broke down after realizing the catastrophic mistake, Rajji has taken to stubbornness to show her anguish. In a daring move, she has declared to not return to Sohum’s house and this has caused much pain to her parents.

After the pagphera ceremony, when it came time for Rajji to return with Sohum she feigned sickness and asked to be excused. The family bought her ploy but finally she announces that she will not go back to her sasuraal. This will not go down well with her father Nirvel and shockingly he will be seen slapping his own daughter! 

This is the first time that Nirvel will be seen going against Rajji and taking such a firm stand to prove his point. No one from the family has ever resorted to take matters in their hands as such and the slap will come as a shocker to everyone, especially Rajji who has always seen the loving side of her father.

More so, even Sohum’s bhabhi is not in favor of getting Rajji back and blames Desho for purposely ruining Sohum’s life. In all this, Bani is still unaware of her mother’s misdeeds and will be seen advising Sohum to accept Rajji. 

Our heart definitely goes out to Sohum who has unknowingly become the scapegoat in all this commotion. While we know he loves Bani too much, but we can’t deny that Rajji and him too make a great pair and both should look at giving each another chance to start off again. As to Desho, do you think she should confess her guilt to Rajji’s family? How else can she help save Rajji’s life? Let us know in your comments below!

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