Hey! Who are these two cats fighting?
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  • October 15, 2014
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Ms Khabri has managed to hold on to a lamp post and not fly away, though her glasses and hat have not been lucky enough to combat the cyclone that has hit the house! Trust me it is a scary site.
So, while the Super Heroes were saving their flag, the Super villains lit some fire (Oh my gosh!!!) and kept it near the Super Heroes. They put ‘laal mirch’ in the fire so that the smoke disrupts the opponent's focus and concentration and they let go of the task. To extinguish the fire Diandra got water in a bucket and poured on the fire but in the process splashed some water on to Sonali, who was trying to stop Diandra. Later, Sonali got water in a bottle started to splash it on Diandra. Ms Khabri got scared and she closed her eyes as she couldn’t see any more. But, the girls didn’t stop there; Sonali went ahead with a bucket to get more water and while she was going Diandra stopped her and both of them started tugging the bucket and everyone around started screaming and shouting that Diandra attacked her. 

Hey bhagwan these girls were screaming and shouting at each other and there was a huge fight like really huge!!!

Abi toh yeh shuruvaat hai
Over n out
Ms Khabri
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