Here’s what you should be expecting on Shakti and Barrister Babu tonight!
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  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • July 6, 2020
  • at
  • 12:45 pm

After months of lockdown and being away from your favourite characters, we’re super excited to tell you that your old routine resumes starting tonight with Shakti and Barrister Babu. We’re giving you a sneak-peak into tonight’s episode and it’s just something you cannot miss!

On Shakti tonight, Soham raises his voice when he sees everyone resisting and stopping Heer from being with Virat even after knowing how much he loves her. Looking this behavious, Harak slaps Sohum. Virat, on the other hand is taken to the cops. DSP Sant Baksh abandons him and the rest of his family follows. Parmeet is seen helping Virat with his wounds. Heer is determined to keep karwachauth fast for Virat and asks Shanno to help her. How will the family react to this? Find out on Shakti tonight at 8 pm sharp!

On Barrister Babu at 8:30 pm tonight, we see that the Roy Chowdhary family is invited to a wedding. Anirudh wants to stop the wedding since it’s a child marriage but Benoy calls him a hypocrite and asks him to focus on his own marriage. Bondita who was super excited about attending the wedding is now upset as she is unable to. To cheer her up, Anirudh plays little Gudda-Guddi Marriage game to cheer her up. Will Bondita be her chirpy self again? Find out tonight!

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