Here’s what you can’t miss on Pavitra Bhagya tonight!
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • March 9, 2020
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  • 1:05 pm

Jugnu and Reyansh are seen having a war amongst themselves. So much that to distract him, she even plays a prank on him and runs away. Pranati who is ready in her bridal attire argues with the security guard as she is worried about Jugnu. Jugnu, on the other hand, stuffs her gym bag with beer bottles so she can sell them all. Reyansh, Maan and Armaan are seen looking for Jugnu. On finding her, tonight, Reyansh discovers the bottles in her bag and is shocked. Jugnu then makes a deal with Reyansh which is – more alcohol bottle for hiding details about the illegal party. This baffles him even more. To add to this, Jugnu creates a fake story about her family to gain sympathy and Reyansh ends up giving her a more expensive bottle. Later, on her way out, Jugnu drops the alcohol bottle on the floor and just then, Armaan’s cigarette falls on the floor too. This leads to fire and chaos. Looking at this Jugnu screams and both Pranati and Reyansh run towards her. What happens next? Will the duo see each other? Where will Pranati, Reyansh and Jugnu’s destiny take them?

Tune in to Pavitra Bhagya tonight at 10 pm to find out more.


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