Here’s what the main leads of ‘Lucknow Central’ had to say about the film.
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The world television premiere of Lucknow Central happens on 15th October at 1 PM! It’s always exciting to know what goes behind creating productions like this.


Every movie is an experience for each one who works for the film.


Lucknow Central is special because its depicting a real story, and the makers literally got into the roots to study the facts behind the story of the band.


The main leads, Farhan Akhtar and Diana Penty learnt a lot. Here’s what they had to say in their interviews as per the sources –


Farhan Akhtar –




"I learnt a lot of things through Ranjit [Tiwari, director of the film]. There’s a band called Healing Hearts in Lucknow’s Adarsh Jail that is invited to play at weddings. I met the band; they're sweet guys who’ve found peace in music. It is essentially a brass band, like the ones playing Hindi songs at shaadis, and we've retained that...When you're in jail for 15-20 years, there are few things that can give you joy or make you feel optimistic. But there were smiles on these inmates' faces when they were playing music. We've tried to recreate that emotion on screen. Music is their path to reformation."



Diana Penty –




“I sat with Ranjit Tiwari (director) as he has lived with the story and he exactly knows what he wants from a character. I discussed things with him. It helps you get more direction. I do lot of reading. I also drew the nuances of my character from my real-life experiences.”


So here’s how we know how much of hard work these actors put in!


Stay tuned coming Sunday at 1 PM!

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