Here’s what makes Kitchen Champion so much fun!
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FOOD! There, we got your attention, didn’t we? Well, we just knew it! There’s something about food that never gets old and we just know you’d agree. With the onset of Kitchen Champions, we’re nothing but excited because we get to witness two of the best things. Lots and lots of amazing food and your favourite celebrities cooking it for our special judges. Fun? Yes? No? If that’s not enough yet, here’s us luring you a little more about this cool new cooking show!

#1 The show is hosted by your one and only Arjun Bijlani who spins conversations and now food like nobody else does.



#2 Every day, we meet new celebrities who mix ingredients like experts and present something absolutely delicious.







#3 The judges of the show are probably the biggest, most honest and the absolute masterchefs! Meet Garvit, Barbiee, and Inayat. It’s imperative to impress them after all, isn’t it?




#4 There’s humor in everything and food is no exception. Apart from tossing veggies and spices, the show also promises you an accurate dose of entertainment and heartfelt laughter.






#5 Last and surely not the least, Kitchen Champions engages you with a plethora of fun games. From ‘guess the ingredient’ to a ‘food race’ and more, this show is a complete package that’s unmissable.






Tune in to Kitchen Champions from Mon-Fri at 1:30 pm.


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