Here’s a look at some of the highlights from Comedy Night Bachao
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They have made us smile, laugh, roll on the floor and have left us wanting for more ever since the very first episode of the show. Comedy Nights Bachao which boasts of a great repertoire of talent has for over the last few months entertained audiences with comedy that knows no boundaries. The very USP of the show is its very ability to tread on unchartered waters with celebrities guests put on the hot seat and grilled over a mean session of humor unintended. The show has seen some of the most brilliant and talented faces in the show biz so far and here’s our pick of the top five moments from the show.



Who ain’t a Salman fan? For one, practically everyone is. So, when Salman came to promote the movie ‘Hero’ along with Athiya Shetty and Sooraj Pancholi, it was definitely worth noticing Bharti’s over enthusiasm. Bharti upon seeing Salman seated on a chair ran up to him and sat on his lap. Now, we know Salman is no less when it comes to his one-liners. He was seen jokingly telling to Bharti with an expression that wielded the heavy force that had thrusted upon him that the sooner she would kiss him, the quicker she would get up from his lap. Oopsies..! Now, we love Bharti but we can imagine how daunting her weight must have been for the Khan bhai.



Varun Dhawan is known for his slick and suave style but when he came to Comedy Nights Bachao for the promotions of Dilwale, we got to see an all together different side of him. He donned a dupatta over his head and applied a red lipstick and acted as a wannabe actress. His enactment of a struggling actress was absolutely commendable and had even SRK giggling in amazement.



There is no comparison to the King of Romance and why would there be, after all there is no one who has that an amazing sense of humor. So, when SRkK came to the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao for the promotions of Dilwale along with Kriti and Varun, there was no stopping Bharti from her age-old silly antics. With the ‘gerua’ song becoming such a big hit, Bharti too decided that it was time to do her take of the song, and so she was seen serenading Shahrukh to the song. And that’s not all! Before she romanced Mr. Khan, she draped him partially in a saree so that he could enact Kajol’s part in it.



We know Ranveer is always high on energy but Bharti proved that she could pose a stiff competition to him too. So, when Ranveeer Singh came to the sets of Comedy Nights Bachao to promote his film Dilwale, we saw Bharti draped in a lavani saree and dancing to the song ‘ang laga de’ and seducing Ranveer. Well! To say the least, the act was like nothing like what Deepika performed in the movie. Her unabashed sense of humor and the ‘not-so graceful’ moves was the highlight of the episode.



When Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone had come to promote their movie Tamasha, it was great fun to watch Mubeen mimic different actors. While Ranbir mimed the dialogues, Mubeen stood behind and mimicked the different actors. This act of theirs just proved how very talented both Mubeen and Ranbir are.

Stay tuned to this space for more of Comedy Nights Bachao fun moments, and don’t forget to tune in every Saturday at 10PM.

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