Here are the future predictions for the top 5 finalist of Bigg Boss season 8!
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The house mates were surprised to have an astrologer in the house, who could predict each one’s future and read faces too. Ali was the most thrilled to find ‘Guruji’ in the house and Gautam was the first one to be called out to find out about what's gpoing to happen in his future. He was told that he would work as a second lead for movies until the age of 36 but would be quite popular. Post the age of 48, he would change his line and start off something of his own.Gautam was also told that he would marry the girl of his mother’s choice, which he agreed to. *I can hear hearts cringing and breaking by the speed of light* He was also told that he would have a daughter and a son to complete his family. For Gautam all that mattered was if he would stay with his mother all the time and he got a positive prediction. 


Karishma was second in number and was told that she would marry a millionaire, who would be a divorcee, but would love and respect her in every possible way. Aha! Oopi di you hear that? Karishma looked little worried but was all fine when she got to know that she would have some great offers coming her way once she came out of the house. Dimpy’s prediction said she wouldn’t do that well in showbiz but fashion industry was a big yes. She was told she would be a very successful entrepreneur and have a second marriage, which would be quite successful.


By then, Ali was desperate to hear what his predictions said and he was told that he would be a successful man gradually who would earn a lot and will have a house of his own. Ali was absolutely taken aback when he was told that he would have ‘Jail Yatra’ in future too, everyone in the house agreed to it and burst into laughter.


Pritam had not imagined what Guruji was about to tell him. He was told that he would have a career in film industry and would be pretty successful. He had a pleasant smile when he was told that he would have a baby girl with his wife, Awww..and that the little bundle of joy would bring lots of luck and prosperity in his life! Could a father-to-be ask for anything else?


Later, each housemate was given a chance to talk directly to the astrologer too.You will be surprised to know what all was discussed!



Don't miss the show tonight @9pm.  


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