Here Are Some Lesser Known Facts About Sharad Malhotra & Kratika Sengar From ‘Kasam’
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Sharad Malhotra & Kratika Sengar are an immensely popular on-screen Jodi who enjoy a huge fan following! As it should be, given their undeniably great chemistry in the show ‘Kasam’. The two are extremely jolly natured and are known to have a lot of fun on the sets! The fans know everything there is to know about the favourite Jodi but there are a few things that might have escaped even the most ardent fan! Here are some little known interesting facts about the two –


Sharad Malhotra


1. Back in 2001, Sharad Malhotra won the pageant of ‘Face of the Year’ in Kolkata. Shortly after, he decided to attend some acting workshops.


2. He was the first male model to do a jewellery campaign.


3. Besides modelling and acting, Sharad Malhotra is also enthusiastic about kick boxing, horse riding and swimming.


4. He also loves trekking and hiking. A true wanderer at heart, he loves travelling a lot.


5. Sharad is an ardent cinema fan. He is into both Bollywood and foreign movies. He idolizes actors like Leonardo Di Caprio and Javier Bardem. When it comes to Bollywood, he takes inspiration from people like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.


6. Like the true Punjabi he is, Sharad really loves his food. He happens to be a huge foodie.



Kratika Sengar


1. Before deciding to take up acting, Kratika Sengar worked for an advertising agency in Mumbai.


2. Kratika is also known as Chinki and Kartu among friends and family.


3. She happens to be a Bollywood buff and a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra.


4. She described Ranbir Kapoor as her dream date.


5. Kratika is really into reading books. Her favourite book is Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’.


6. Though she is one of the most popular TV stars right now, Kratika never thought of becoming an actress while growing up, all she wanted to do was to get married.


7. Her ideal travel destinations are mountainous and cold places, in general. 

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