Here are five life lessons that Mahabharat taught us!
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The epic tale of Mahabharat was written many many years ago and still is one of the most relevant stories in today’s time. A tale that depicts art, drama and history leaves us with innumerable thoughts and goosebumps on most days. Mahabharat also records some of most versatile characters who inspire us even today in ways unimaginable. Not to forget, some of our daily life references are inspired by the Mahabharat. The story is also responsible for a number of life lessons that leave us overwhelmed sometimes or show the path to achieve literally anything under the stars! Here are a few that you might be able to relate to!


#5 Revenge can only doom you for life

A story around war only taught us that the major reason behind all that destruction was revenge. The Kauravas who were aiming at only fulfilling their purpose to ruin the Pandavas led to killing everybody. The war did not spare the children, including Draupadi’s five sons and Abhimanyu.


#4 Stand for what’s right and fight for it

Arjun was initially hesitant to go against his own people, however, Krishna reminded him that one has to stand by Dharma (duty), even it meant going against one’s own family. Arjun, thus had to fulfill his responsibility as a great warrior of Dharma.


#3 The best bond is that of friendship

Apart from being a sheer guiding light, Krishna and Arjun’s friendship is still spoken about. Karna and Duryodhan’s bond is equally inspiring!


#4 Being a woman doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger than ever!

Draupadi was humiliated by the Kauravas for the faults made by her husband. She was violated but she was bold enough to take a stand for herself. She ensured she got justice by vowing to wash her hair with the blood of Duryodhana and Dushanana, indeed another reason that led to the war.


#5 Better to have full knowledge. Half could be dangerous!

While Abhumanyu knew how to enter the chakravyuh, he did not know how to get out of it!



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