Helpless RK #Madhubala 7th Nov 2013
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  • November 7, 2013
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Mehul suggests making the film Madhu centric. RK refuses by sayiing that he will shoot from the next day. Pabbo and Dipali go to show concern to Radha when Siki calls and asks Dipali to come and meet. 

RK's phone rings and he is unable to pick up the phone. Madhu comes and hands over the phone to him and that’s when he feels the pinch of being handicapped. RK tells over the phone to the banker that he is resuming shoot which he can also come and see.

Dipali goes to meet Siki. He apologizes and thanks her for  bringing food.

RK  gets ready to go for the shoot. Both Mahdu and RK try to behave normal. Madhu helps RK to get ready when Radha inquires if it is really important for him to go. RK taunts her by saying it’s all because of her husband that he has to go in this state. RK steps out when Pabbo comes and tells RK to sit on wheel chair and be independent as Madhu will also feel him like a burden. RK gets very angry.

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