Helly’s Charm or Harpal’s Enthusiam on JDJ9?
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  • August 24, 2016
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The game of dance is on. This time the contestants will compete against each other on JDJ9.  Coming weekend is going to bring a new twist on the dance floor. Why just watch single performances when we can get you to drop your jaw in awe of two together on the dance floor? United by competition, yes, it’s going be that kind of dancing feat.

IMG_8276Helly, who is the youngest JDJ9 contestant, will battle it out with Harpal, who has been winning hearts with his Punjabi andaaz. Helly is someone who is all bubbly and adorable when it comes to dance and Harpal is someone for whom this journey into the dance world is absolutely a new one. We have got to see these two perform in a face-off.

Whether it’s grooving to 'shava shava' or giving some 'latkas and matkas' wearing the party shoes, we are just about ready to see them 'tukoor tukoor.'


Wear some dancing hoola-hoops peeps! JDJ9 is going to swing in on 10pm on Saturday.

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