Heer in a fix?
  • posted by
  • Nupur Jetly
  • last updated on
  • February 6, 2020
  • at
  • 12:33 pm

Heer is all set to attend a farewell party in college and is very excited about it. Virat will also be playing DJ and Heer is very happy about it. With all the necessary permissions in place, Heer is now ready to attend this one wearing a pretty one-piece dress. Everyone at home is shocked to see Heer in this look. At the party, Virat is playing music and Heer is about to dance. A moment is exchanged between Heer and Virat where the duo look at each other and dance away.

At the farewell, a few college guys were seen staring at Heer continuously with the aim of causing harm to her and taking advantage of her. Back home, Preeto is worried and is constantly doubting the permission they gave her. It’s 11 pm on the clock and they’re not back home yet. This worries Preeto even more. At the party, Heer is dancing and the college boys parallelly spike Rohan and Soham’s drinks. Heer’s brothers are now dizzy and she is dragged out of there. What next? Tune in to Shakti tonight at 8 pm to know more.

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