Heaven is the center of attention #BB Saath-7 Synopsis Day 36
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After Heaven enters the house, everybody welcomes him with open arms. Elli, Asif, Apurva and Tanisha seem to be dog lovers and can’t get enough of him. They start cuddling and playing with him and seem very happy. They make arrangements for his stay and give him water and food. As the newly elected captain, Apurva discusses household work and responsibilities with the housemates. When he goes up to Asif and asks him to take on the task of cleaning the washroom, he requests Apurva to ask somebody to help him. Asif explains that it is too much work for one person and Apurva finally assigns Sangram to help Asif. 


After the morning wake up call, Bigg Boss sends food for Heaven and the instructions that need to be followed. Armaan calls Heaven and feeds him. Later, all the housemates decide to clean the house and everybody divide duties amongst themselves. When Kushal is cleaning the garden area he spots Tanisha working out on the treadmill and asks her to join them. Tanisha replies by saying that she knows her work and Kushal does not need to remind her. Kamya and Pratyusha are seen talking about Vivek and saying that he is acting overfriendly. Everytime they sit down to discuss anything, he jumps in and tries to make his point unnecessarily. Pratyusha also says that he pretends to close to both of them but shares similar equations with everybody in the house. 


Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces to everybody to get together and start the nominations process. After Shilpa was given a special power to directly nominate one person, Apurva was asked to openly nominate one person out of the remaining housemates. After nominations, Sangram and Elli discuss about the nominations result and decide to stick together. 


In the evening, while Vivek is working and washing utensils, he complains to Kushal saying that he has not cleaned the sink properly. Kushal finds this funny and starts laughing on Vivek’s face. He is not able to take Kushal’s sarcasm and lashes out on him. He warns him not to make fun of him and stop doing it right away. Further, when Vivek gets more agitated, he gets into Kushal’s personal space which irks him and both get into a fight.


The conversations about nominations continue for the rest of the evening. Later, Bigg Boss asks Andy to get Heaven in the confession room and asks him about his first day in the house. 

Tanisha and Armaan are seen talking in the garden area about the issue that they have been facing in the house. Tanisha tells Armaan and everybody has been getting hurt because of our closeness- be it our friends or families. She also mentions that the housemates have been having issues with her because she takes a stand for him. Armaan says that he feels that his care and friendship holds no value in Tanisha’s life. Later, Tanisha is also seen giving Armaan a head massage. 

The day comes to end when Bigg Boss ask the housemates to give Heaven a bath. Andy, Apurva and Elli get him in the garden area and playfully enjoy bathing him. 



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