Hearts tore apart seeing Parth after he realizes Shorvari is dead!
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  • October 27, 2017
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Bhanushani family’s whole world came crashing down after they received the news about Shorvari’s death due to car accident! In a shocking twist in the story wherein the viewers anyways knew that Shorvari is going to die because of brain tumor, this accident and her death because of an accident and much before time came as a shocker!





Parth who was extremely hopeful to be able to see Shorvari one last time couldn’t believe what he just heard, initially he didn’t know how to react but after visiting the hospital and seeing Shorvari’s dead body, that was badly burnt he couldn’t hold on his emotions.  After he came back home as the whole thing sunk in, Parth burst out crying putting Shorvari’s dupatta on himself.





Teni who is in an equally worse situation for she is the only one knowing the real story of Shorvari cried bitterly thinking how would she take care of Parth in such a situation. She still decided to stay strong no matter what, and fulfill Shorvari’s last wish of keeping Parth happy forever.





We have loved Shorvari and Parth as an inseparable couple, now that she is gone what will happen next on Dil Se Dil Tak?


Will Teni decide to tell the whole truth about Shorvari or she will keep mum for the good.


Keep watching Dil Se Dil Tak to know!


Mon-Fri at 10 PM!

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