Heartbreak! Looks like Ishani and Ranveer are ready to move on! #MATSH
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  • May 13, 2015
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Some time back we showed you a Leaked video of Ranveer and Ishani proposing to Ritika and Shikhar respectively, for marriage. It broke our hearts to see these ‘madly in love’ couples move on in their lives and go separate ways. But there’s no denying the truth, as this is certainly happening!

So according to current story plot, Ishani is confused whether she wants to marry Shikhar and even confesses that she’ll only do it to make Ranveer move on in life with Ritika. And after thinking about it, Ishani announces she wants to marry Shikhar, hearing which Ranveer gets irked. As a comeback, Ranveer also decides to marry or let’s say re-marry Ritika and even plans to make it a grand wedding affair. Woah!

Obviously both Ranveer and Ishani know too well how to hurt each other and this situation is hurting all the wounds between these two. But are Ritika and Shikhar aware about what’s really burning between Ranveer and Ishani? And will it be this easy for Ranveer and Ishani to move in life?

Well, we think their ‘Aashiqui’ is too powerful to not be together. Don’t you think so? Tell us will they actually separate in lives or will destiny bring them back together? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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