Heart-warming moments from last weekend
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Rising Star is a show that encourages people from all over India to come and display their singing prowess with no discrimination in regards to age, race, background, disability etc. People are judged on the basis of their skills and talent, regardless of any other shortcomings they might or might not have. It is a beautiful concept which brings to light some genuine obscure talent. There are also people who have seen a lot of struggles in life and are trying to follow their passion to prove that anything is possible if you put your heart to it. This weekend gave us some such beautifully touching moments –


Dharmendra Nayat always believed he was born to be in the music industry and is determined to build a career in it. He did not complete his studies and despite people in his life discouraging him from following a career in music, he stood firm in his decision and participated in Rising Star. He proved the naysayers wrong by delivering an impressive performance as the experts praised him and applauded him for his tenacity.


The legendary Govinda had some words of wisdom to share with everyone before he stepped out. He said “Every person has the capability to be a hero and achieve success in things that they have always dreamed of doing. Just believe in yourself and make the right decision.”


Sayani Palit from Kolkata who is visually impaired gave an extraordinarily beautiful performance as she won hearts and wowed the experts with her captivating voice. Monali Thakur was moved to tears. Shankar Mahadevan praised her for being so grounded and genuine after she pleaded to everyone to vote for her solely based on her skills and talent as a singer. Shankar Mahadevan also added that she has been the best singer on the show so far.


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