Heart touching moments on Bigg Boss 11 tonight shouldn’t be missed at all!
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  • November 14, 2017
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This week’s nominations have been truly unique. Nobody would have thought what Bigg Boss must have planned to come up with. As the housemates would continue making sacrifices of their personal belongings, tonight’s episode is bringing in some moments which are actually overwhelming.





Especially the one where Shilpa asks Vikas to give away his favorite jacket with ‘Lostboys’ written over it, so that she gets saved from nominations. Suprisingly, Vikas happily does so! This brings tears in Shilpa’s eyes. The conversation between the two over this will surely touch your hearts.






The other one being, Hina’s soft toy ‘Poo’ that she needs to destroy for Luv to get saved. Hina claims she has carried Poo everywhere she has gone. But eventually she does it for her good friend Luv.





Also Akash would be asked to shave off his hair. Will he?





These were just a few things to be mentioned, there is much more going to happen tonight!


Do watch tonight who the final nominated ones are. 

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