Has Virat tried to kill Heer?
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  • August 26, 2020
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Last evening on Shakti, we saw Heer walking with Nutan when a car came and hit her. She fell unconscious on the road and Nutan rushed her to the hospital. Everyone back home reached the hospital while Heer was taken to the OT. Today, when Virat comes back from his jog, Nutan will be seen yelling at Virat for hitting Heer and then denying about it. She tells him that she wouldn’t spare him if something happened to Heer. He, however, pays no heed to her and pushes Nutan out of the house. Jharna who is entering the house sees this. Virat tells her about what happened.

Back in the hospital, the doctor informs everyone that Heer is serious. On hearing this, Shanno is happy. Gurvinder then asks Virat about what his plan was as he was apparently speaking about killing Heer. Virat confesses that he hasn’t done anything and reveals something major. A person goes to kinners who are waiting outside ICU for Heer. He tells them to go in take money as someone gave birth to a child. Kinners tell him that they will go later. He asks them about what they were doing with the Harak Family as their daughter-in-law, Saumya was kinner and is not there now. He also inquires if there was another one in the family. Harak shouts at him and Soham starts hitting him.

What next? Tune in to Shakti tonight at 8 pm sharp to find out more!

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