Has Pankti found out about Reyansh?
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  • June 18, 2018
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This week on Tu Aashiqui, Reyansh gets Ahaan and Pankti to shoot a new song together. He lies to Pankti about Ahaan reaching the venue shortly. While Pankti is rehearsing, Reyansh tries to get intimate with Pankti. She gets uncomfortable and pushes him away which leads to him damaging his mask. He rushes to the room to fix his mask and Pankti follows him behind. On following him, she finds his phone and understands that he has made no calls to Reyansh. When Reyansh comes out of the vanity she casually asks him about where Ahaan is and Reyansh lies to her saying that he should be on his way. This shocks Pankti and makes her feel that something is not right. In a series of events, she even finds a hoodie in his cupboard. What could this hoodie indicate?

Later, Pankti takes Uday’s help and comes to know that Sheetal’s message has something to do with Reyansh. According to the plan, Reyansh wants to take Pankti away in a week. On the other hand, Pankti overhears Reyansh instigating Ahaan against her. Pankti decides to trusts aparna and tells her everything she has found out about Reyansh. What happens next?


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