Has Khushi turned positive in SSK?
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  • May 31, 2014
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Looking at the fuss that Jwala Devi has created to snatch the Bhardwaj house, Khushi – the constant trouble maker of the Bhardwaj family – this time has join hands with Simar and Roli to take back the Bhardwaj house. Has she turned positive? “Not really, how can Khushi turn positive? She has a dream to possess Bhardwaj House for herself. But now that Jwala Devi is taking it away, her dream is about to get shattered. She is scared of Jwala Devi and she knows that alone she can’t take it back from Jwala Devi so she is helping Simar and Roli,” Jyotsana Chandola who plays the character of Khushi tells us.
In the current track of the show Sasural Simar Ka, Jwala Devi a land mafia wants to acquire the lands of people to build a township. Now, she is trying to snatch Bhardwaj house. Will Simar and Roli be able to save the hosue? Keep watching Sasural Simar Ka to know what happens next!

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