Harshad Arora is not bothered by fake account!
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  • January 30, 2014
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Harshad Arora has found fame and fans with his very first show- Beintehaa. And the actor is certainly enjoying all the attention. But being famous also has a side effect, that he has acquired an imposter!

Don’t worry, it’s just a virtual imposter that Harshad Arora has on Twitter. Somebody has created an account with the handle @harshad_arora claiming to be the actor. Since the imposter also replies to tweets from fans, many mistakenly think that they are interacting with Zain from Beintehaa.

But Harshad is not bothered about this pretence, and has this to say, “ Yes, I’m aware of this account, but it doesn’t matter because most fans know who the real Harshad Arora is. The fans who don’t know tag both me and the imposter, so I get all the messages.”

Harshad’s rapport with his co-stars also helps him dispel any misconceptions that the imposter might create. He says, “My co-stars like Preetika and Riva tag my real account, which helps fans realize which is my real account.” 

By the way, Harshad’s real account is @har1603 and this account is flooded with fans’ tweets, leaving the actor overwhelmed. He says, “ The response from fans is amazing. The show has fans all over the world and I get messages from far-off countries, which makes me happy. I try to reply to most of them as it means a lot to fans.”

Though the young actor has gotten a lot of virtual love, he doesn’t believe in over sharing by actors. Harshad says, “ One needs to draw a line and keep the tweets mostly work related. I definitely try to post behind the scenes updates and pictures but too many personal revelations and then it gets messy.”

Well, Harshad may be new to the fame game but he certainly has the basics of fan interactions down perfectly. And he’s promised a lot of behind the scenes action, so make sure you ‘follow’ the real Harshad!

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