Harman once again loses Saumya because of Harak Singh’s villainous act!
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The Kinnar community had thrown a major challenge in front of Harman, that if he wants to win back Saumya he will have to pass through a series of tests to prove his love for her.





The community asked him what would he do if something happened to him, and who would then take care of Saumya after he is gone. Harman went back to find an answer to prove his love for his wife. Many speculated that he would never come back but Saumya and Mallika knew he would.





Harman returned and this time with the property papers. He showed the papers to every one, as per which if anything ever happened to him, all the properties on his name would naturally go to his wife Saumya. Everyone stunned became very happy with Harman’s act. Saumya happily packed her bag thinking that now she would unite with Harman forever and nobody would stop her. Just then Varun, arrived at the scene with another set of papers and declared that as per the property clause, Harman wouldn’t be able to name/sell/mortgage the properties on his name to anybody else until his father and mother Harak Singh and Preeto are alive. This stuns everyone!





Mallika tears and throws the property papers upfront! Harman sees Saumya go away once again.





What will be Harman’s next move? Will he forever struggle like this or someday will come up with something that changes everything for good?



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