Harak Singh Asks His Lawyer To Keep Harman In Jail On ‘Shakti’
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Harman and Saumya have been facing a lot of hardships with Harman landing in jail and Saumya being thrown out of her hut where she made a home with Harman. Saumya has been trying to figure out a way to get Harman safely out of jail but she feels helpless, Mallika and Surbhi being her only support during this time. Saumya blamed herself for what happened to Harman and is determined to make things right.


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Harman made a request to Saumya when she was visiting him in jail and told her not to be present at the court during his hearing as it will make her tense. Saumya agreed with a heavy heart. Preeto hired a lawyer and told him not to worry about money. Harak Singh had different plans as promised the lawyer a big amount and told him to keep Harman in jail. He warned the lawyer that his son should not be able to get out, no matter what.


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In the coming episodes, we will see how Surbhi informs Saumya about the lawyer turning and fighting the case against Harman. Saumya goes to Preeto asking for her help, when she sees no other way. Preeto asks Saumya to make the ultimate sacrifice if she wants her help.


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Will Saumya really not show up at the court? How is she going to get Harman out of jail?


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