Happy times for Harman and Saumya!
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  • December 24, 2018
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After a rollercoaster ride for Harman and Saumya, the duo is finally stepping into a phase where happiness awaits them eagerly! Saumya regains her memory which results in both, Harman and Saumya reuniting again. Harman brings Surbhi back home who is also 8 months pregnant. As a surprise to Saumya, Surbhi and Raavi plan a gorgeous white wedding for Harman and Saumya where the two of them take vows again. These vows will have a beautiful touch of their own. Make sure you watch them. 






In this ceremony, Harak is the best man while Surbhi, Raavi, and Preeto become Saumya’s bridesmaids. Mohini too joins in the celebration with a dance performance. On another note, while the family is rejoicing Harman and Saumya's reunion, Varun starts to threaten Surbhi to come back to his life and let him be involved in his child’s birth. Surbhi has told no one of Varun’s threats as she thinks the day belongs to Harman and Saumya.





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