Halla Bol Day 6: Upen Patel Returns on Bigg Boss Halla Bol
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As the first week of Bigg Boss – Halla Bol comes to an end, the rules for the territories in the house have now been suspended and the housemates are now free to go about the whole house without any restrictions or permissions.

As always the week begins in the Bigg Boss house with nominations, we will also see tensions beginning to flare up from the moment the housemates are nominated. Also the tradition of an open nomination helps the housemates determine who is a friend and who is foe.

Also as we all know, Gautam Gulati may have been transferred from the team of Champions to the team of Challengers but the Champions still believe he is one of them and will always be. Hence, none of the current Champions nominate their old friend and former Champion Gautam for eviction this week. But a former Challenger was out for revenge, Mehak nominates Gautam to avenge the nomination received by Gautam in the previous week. Not being nominated by his Champion friends, has left Gautam astonished as he couldn’t imagine the camaraderie still existed amongst the housemates with whom he has spent over 3 months in the Bigg Boss house. As we see it the second week of the show promises a lot more excitement and fun-filled drama.

Further as the day comes to an end the housemates suddenly find a coffin in the middle of the garden area. While the Challengers hope it is Ajaz Khan in the coffin the Champions can’t begin to comprehend why Bigg Boss would send Ajaz back in the house. But the twists in the show of Bigg Boss cannot be predicted and yet again Bigg Boss befuddles all the housemates by sending their former contestant Upen Patel back in the house just the way he exited, in a coffin.

While Dimpy and Karishma couldn’t fathom their excitement and happiness, one of the housemates showed disappointment on Upen’s return. Who is that contestant?

What is Upen’s motive to enter the Bigg Boss house? Is it his love for the game? Love for his fans? Or love for his true friend in the house – Karishma Tanna ? Let’s wait and watch!  


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