Gurmeet’s craziest fan!
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  • September 24, 2012
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It's not new to hear about crazy fans of Bollywood actors. While Shahrukh and Salman top the list, there's someone from the small-screen giving a tough competition to them. 


We all have also heard about these fans collecting pictures, writing love letters with their blood or even worshiping these Bollywood stars, but what we are ging to tell you will not fail to amaze you.

Well, we are talking about the biggest star (not self-proclaimed ofcourse, but titled by his fans) of television, Gurmeet Chaudhary, who has women of all ages head-over-heels for him. And, we got to know about one such fan on twitter, Gistie2, who has turned out to be Gurmeet's craziest fan ever.

During last week we came across this girl, claiming to be Gurmeet's biggest fan. And what did she do to win over our doubts? She did not sleep the whole night just to vote for him…Yes! Gistie2 (That's her Twitter handle) not only stayed up till four in the morning to vote for his favourite contestant on Jhalak, but also got five of her friend's mobile phone recharged for Rs100 each and asked them to vote too. She even mentioned in her tweets that she did not sleep through-out the night for Gurmeet and appealed to all the Gurtians to vote for him too. For all those who don't know what Gurtian stands for, we would like to educate you… Gurtian is a short form for Gurmeet and Drashti, coined by their fans (since both were a very hot on-screen jodi).

We don't know if all these number of votes will help Gurmeet  take the Jhalak trophy home or not, but Gistie2, you have certainly won the craziest fan's trophy from our side!

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